As Supplied to the RNLI

New Hurricane M Tech V2 Rescue Board: 3200mm x 560mm x 190mm (9.5kgs approx.)

The latest addition to the Hurricane Rescue range! We have developed the Hurricane V2 Rescue Board shape following F/B from our V1 board. Combined with the 4 years of V1 Rescue Board development, this allows us to provide arguably the most researched, durable and perfectly finished rescue board on the market today that complies with current ILS safety specifications and standards.

A very stable board for paddlers in all conditions. Designed to take the abuse of every day use in extreme environments: sealed moulded EPS Core and a very tough moulded epoxy composite skin (MTech).

Recommended for professional use, heavy duty use, and big surf conditions.


  • With a Larger volume and deeper rails than the V1 Rescue board, this make it a very stable board for the paddler in all conditions.
  • The width of the board allows for a comfortable arm catch whilst in combination with the flat bottom design still remains very stable.
  • The length of the board as well as the natural bottom curve allows for directional speed whilst still maintaining maneuverability.
  • The Thickness and volume distribution provides sufficient buoyancy to comfortably carry a rescuer and a large patient or provide buoyancy to a number of distressed swimmers in case of a mass rescue.
  • EVA and soft Knee Pad for comfortable faster knee paddling and patient recovery.
  • There are 8 large handles, 4 front and 4 back. The handles are covered in padded neoprene and the high grade stainless steel screws sealed to minimize the chance of injury to the rescuer or patient.
  • A very strong, removable, composite fin has been used. The leading and trailing edges of the fin has been softened to reduce the risk of injury but still maintain performance. (There is an option of a Racing Board style fin or traditional triangular rescue board fin)
  • M Tech Construction: Sealed Molded EPS Core and a very tough molded epoxy composite skin (M-Tech) Designed to take the abuse of all day use in extreme environments.
  • The board weighs in at approx 9.5kgs and has been properly balanced.
Hurricane M-Tech Boards
The advanced M Tech construction means these boards are built to last (the boards are constructed using the latest EPS/VAC Mould technology). The boards have a fine polish finish which offers minimal hydro resistance and extremely comfortable knee pads and handles.

  • Lightweight purpose blown and shaped (EPS) core
  •  PVC reinforced hi-tech epoxy Vac Mould lamination
  •  Hi polish finish

  •  Soft non-allergenic, non-slip EVA knee pads
  •  Soft neoprene covered webbing/non-tear polyethylene handles
  •  Vent plug
  •  Hi tech lightweight composite fin
  •  Fin box

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Hurricane V2 M-Tec. Rescue Board

  • Brand: Hurricane
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